Mandy and Zac | Dan River, North Carolina Couples Photographer

Sometimes it feels good to get out and shoot, stretch your legs, and be a little adventurous, even when that means wading waist deep in a river.  I met with Mandy, Zac, and my sweet friend Meredith (Meredith Branscome Photography) at the Dan River, in gorgeous Stokes County.  Shooting during golden hour is always my favorite, and the river at golden hour didn’t disappoint!  And I can’t say enough about how natural and authentic Mandy and Zac are in front of the camera, their love is palpable looking at the images, so so much real love.  And while it was a little nerve wracking wading out into “open” water with my little Nikon friends (this session was shot with a Nikon D750 and old my super school 80-200 2.8f), it was all worth it.  100%.

Mandy_and_Zac_2017 (71)Mandy_and_Zac_2017 (83)Untitled-4Untitled-2Untitled-1Untitled-5Untitled-3


Kelly and Marc | Tanglewood Park NC Engagement Photographer

Y’all, I love engagement sessions, and specifically ones where the couples bring their puppies!  Kelly and Marc were so much fun to work with at Tanglewood park in Clemmons NC, and it was a perfect backdrop for this session.  We had a recent rain before we started so everything had that “fresh rain” shine to it, but I’m so thankful we didn’t get caught in a single drop of it!  And can I tell you that Kelly and Marc dogs were THE BEST behaved that I’ve ever worked with in a session!  Take a look at some of the sweet moments we were able to grab while we were together:

Untitled-5Untitled-6Untitled-4Kelly + Marc (65)Kelly + Marc (111)Untitled-2Untitled-1

I had such a great time getting to know these two and their sweet fur babies!  I’m so excited for Kelly and Marc and wish them the best for an amazing life together!


In this world of crazy, how to find your perfect Wedding Photographer.

Choosing a wedding photographer can be overwhelming.  It will be one of the most important decisions you make during the planning process (after choosing the groom and the date that is!).  In a sea of options how do you settle on one?  When you find a photographer you love, where do you go from there?  Everyone wants amazing images, right?  Well read on!  I’ll help you know what to look for to land the wedding photographer of your dreams!


Do your homework.  Look at various styles and find one that speaks to you.  Use the internet (thank the good Lord for Pinterest!) and other local resources to narrow that down to photographers in your general area.  Don’t fret if the one you love isn’t local, most photographers will travel!  Ask your friends.  Your married friends have been through this and may have a great recommendation for you that matches your vision perfectly. 


Prepare questions and reach out.  Set up a meeting (video chat if in person isn’t an option), and talk it out.  Look for a full service photographer- that means someone who will consult and assist in every part of your day and beyond, including providing options for high quality, archival products for your completed images.  Printing your images is ridiculously important, so make sure you put your hands on all the gorgeous products your photographer has to offer.  Don’t be scared to ask questions during your time together.  Ask to see that Photography Agreement and look at all the “fine print”; get clarification on any policies that aren’t clear to you.  I promise that not a single one of us will be insulted!  Knowing what to expect from your photographer is vital.  Most importantly, ask to see a completed wedding gallery.  Similar to looking at someone’s Instagram account; it’s so easy to present a highlight reel, but when making a big decision for your wedding you need to see it all.

Hannah + Jeremy (343)

Work with your photographer before the wedding.  Once you have your photographer secured it’s important to schedule your Engagement Session (yes, even if you have done one already!).  This is a huge opportunity to get to know your photographer and for them to get to know you better.  Your session will help you lose that stage fright in front of the lens, and learn how your photographer works, poses, and communicates.  This also gives you an idea of what to expect on your wedding day.  Bonus points for feeling more comfortable around your photographer and that big, scary camera of theirs!  When you are relaxed it truly shows in your photos and creates emotional and authentic images.  During my sessions we laugh a lot (mostly at my awkwardness), and legit have a great time hanging out.


Keep your photographer in the loop.  Chances are your wedding photographer will already ask, but make sure you put them in touch with your wedding planner other vendors.  Is there a list of specific “do’s and don’ts” or requests from your wedding venue?  Photographers need that info too!  Your photographer will need to know your overall timeline, important people that are involved in your day, and what moments are most important to you.   It’s also good to check with your photographer before you (or your wedding planner) set up a timeline.  Ask them how much time they’d ideally like for your formals (both before and after the wedding) and try to work with them on including it.  If you have a specific timeline with no wiggle room let them know that too!  Your photographer can help you prioritize and plan your photography to help tell a cohesive story while including all your most favorite moments.  If anything changes, don’t hesitate to reach out to them, communication is so soooo important!

The main goal of your wedding photographer is to move about your day seamlessly to tell your own brand of love story.  Finding your tribe is priority!  Working with a prepared and experienced photographer will help you have authentic and beautiful images from your day while having an incredible time.  After the wedding day excitement is gone and you fall into the rhythm of married life it will be so crucial to have this amazing experience preserved for lifetimes. 

If you’re recently engaged and still on the prowl for your photographer, let’s chat!  I love telling stories and would be honored to a part of yours.  Go ahead, check out some more of my work and shoot me a message at ❤


Welcome Henry! King, NC Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I adore in home newborn sessions.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing studio newborn photographers out there (including one of my favorite people at Happy Heart Studio!), but I feel there is room in this big world of newborn photography for lifestyle sessions.  I’m a total sucker for moments and real emotion (hence my hang-up on shooting all the weddings!).  Shooting in home is so comfortable, so authentic; of course I would be in love with these sessions ❤

Jennifer and Jordan are some of my very first clients.  Definitely my first “official” wedding, and it’s been awesome to be with them for all the big moments.  Henry is their second, and big brother George was one of my first newborn sessions too!  I was so excited that we were able to do this lifestyle newborn session before they moved from small town King, North Carolina to Florida (like we did this session only days before they packed up and moved!).

There is so much sweetness from my time with them, and it was extra special that we were able to do this in their home before they moved onto other adventures.   If you’re expecting and are interested in your own in-home lifestyle newborn session give me a shout!  I have several already in my calendar for 2017 and would love to come to your home and document that newborn goodness too!



Dina + Jordan | Pilot Mountain State Park Engagement Photographer

Dina and Jordan are getting married this fall!  I love these two lovers.  We had so much fun for their Pilot Mountain State Park engagement session.  And I am in LOVE with Dina’s Greek Goddess hair.  These two are another set of high school sweethearts that I’ve known forever and a day, and I was beyond thrilled when we got together and they decided to allow me to be a part of their September Wedding, which will also take place at another perfect mountain location.  We braved the wind and the cold for some amazing views and sweet moments right around that magic Golden Hour.  For now, check out these lovers and how dang perfect they are!




And sometimes you have to embrace that sun flair for some super authentic moments like this one (plus I had to show off Dina’s amazing shirt back):


Lauren + Noah | Danbury, NC Wedding Photographer

The absolute best thing about what I do is being able to keep in contact with and even re-connect with people.  Lauren and I know each other from long ago and it had been a solid 15 years since I had last seen her.  And then she emailed me earlier last year and told me that she was getting married!  I was psyched to hear from her and even more psyched to get the chance to shoot her nuptials.  I met with Lauren and Noah, talked waaay more than I probably should have (I get chatty!), got them on my books for their fall mountain wedding, and snuck an engagement session in there too!  I don’t know if y’all remember seeing these two but here’s one of my favorites from their engagement session:

Lauren + Noah April 2016 (3).jpg

Fast forward to fall and we meet again (at the same gorgeous mountain spot we did their e-session), this time for their intimate ceremony in Danbury, NC.  While this ceremony had a smaller invite list than some of my other events, this one was so personal and special.  After these two said their vows there was a sweet moment where champagne toasts were exchanged for these two (of course there were tears!).  Then onto an amazing catered dinner at Mary’s Gourmet Diner in Winston Salem.  It was so so good to see my old friend happy and married!  I wish them so many good, awesome things in their life together ❤  Now onto my highlight reel from their day:







Taylor + Zane | Whitsett, NC Wedding Photographer

Talk about a party!  It was an amazing day at the Lily Pad (in Whitsett NC) for Taylor and Zane’s October nuptials.  You can’t go wrong with a gorgeous bridal party, a beautiful farm venue, and amazing fall weather.  This day had been a long time in the making for these two high school sweethearts, and it was so so good to see these sweet friends of mine married finally ❤  And TEARS!  I love wedding day tears, y’all, and there were a’plenty with this group.  Here’s just a small part of their amazing wedding day story:












Mountaintop Proposal | Pilot Mountain, NC Surprise Engagement Photographer

A few weeks ago I had a random little inquiry pop through my website from Kris alllllll the way across the country in WY.  Somehow he had connected with little old me over here in teeny-tiny King, North Carolina (how crazy, right?!).  He was reaching out to see about some engagement pictures, so I sent him a line back and we started chatting.  Immediately he told me that this wasn’t going to be your normal e-session, that this was actually a surprise proposal!  I immediately got psyched (you had me at “Don’t worry, you won’t have to jump out of the bushes or anything” haha!), and even more when he shared with me that he wanted these at Pilot Mountain State Park, a place special for them and one of my favorite places too!  The set up for Vivi was that she and her family were driving from Raleigh for a family/senior session for her sister (Yep!  Her parents were in on it too!).  While this was in the works Kris was planning behind the scenes, setting up all the photo things, travel, timing- coordinating efforts with Vivi’s best friend to make sure all the little details were in place for Kris’ discreet arrival in North Carolina on “The Day”.  The plan was once we got started with the “family session” we would have Vivi placed at one of my favorite overlooks (theirs too!) and out of nowhere would come Kris, on bended knee, at the top of one of the most beautiful places I know. 

Y’all.  It was so epic!  And despite an entire morning of rain/clouds (with the weather miraculously clearing up in time for the proposal!) everything went down perfectly, but don’t take my word; just look at them!


Vivi had NO idea at all, wasn’t even suspicious a bit so it was everything Kris had planned (and more!).  This is one of the most romantic, amazing things I’ve ever seen!  After congrats from family and friends, we took a few minutes with these two alone to just let them be in the moment ❤  


Vivi and Kris are so cute!  I’m just so so happy for them both and am excited to see where they go from here!  I’m so glad you found my tiny spot on the internet, Kris! It was such an honor to be a part of something so amazing my friend.  




Welcome Abigail |Winston Salem Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

My Favorite thing is getting to work with my friends, especially when I get to be there to watch them grow their families.  Jenny and I have been friends since long before husbands, kids, and college degrees.  We reconnected after a few years of life and right after the birth of her first daughter, Savannah (my cute curly headed blonde friend!).  It was so fun seeing how they were adjusting to now adding another precious girl to their crew.  Patrick and Jenny are some of the sweetest people I know and I loved being welcomed into their new home to do a lifestyle newborn session for Abigail ❤


And sweet little Paco was so cute the entire time too!  He found his perch next to his people and set out to watch me work (and probably wonder what the heck I was doing!)


Savannah was so excited to show me her “big girl” room while I was there, she not only got promoted to big sister this year, she got promoted to her big girl room too!  She is so spunky and reminds me so much of my Natalie in that way, it was so cute to see her in action!


And even though I don’t do much new babe posed shots, we had to re-do this set up we had used for Savannah and it turned out to be so sweet!


There are just so many precious little pieces of life you get to capture when doing lifestyle sessions, and y’all know I’m all about real, honest photography.  Telling stories is what puts me in my happy place ❤


Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are awesome y’all!  It’s real life, it’s the moments that happen all to quick and are the first you’ll probably forget while caught up in all the hussle of new life.  The best part of my job is being able to help you keep those memories forever ❤  For more information on how to schedule your very own Lifestyle Newborn session (or heck!  even a regular Lifestyle session) give me a shout (  I can’t wait to hear from you!!

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